Net Protocol and Schedule

Net Schedule

Net DateNet ControlAlternate Net Control
January 27, 2020Tony - KJ4CROBruce - KM4SLQ
February 3, 2020Bruce - KM4SLQRandy - KI4VLW
February 10, 2020Randy - KI4VLWRick - KD4CJF
February 17, 2020Rick - KD4CJFTony - KJ4CRO
February 24, 2020Tony - KJ4CROBruce - KM4SLQ
March 3, 2020Bruce - KM4SLQRandy - KI4VLW
March 10, 2020Randy - KI4VLWRick - KD4CJF
March 17, 2020Rick - KD4CJFTony - KJ4CRO
March 24, 2020Tony - KJ4CROBruce - KM4SLQ
March 31, 2020Bruce - KM4SLQRandy - KI4VLW
April 7, 2020Randy - KI4VLWRick - KD4CJF
April 14, 2020Rick - KD4CJFZach - KM4BLG
April 21, 2020Zach - KM4BLGTony - KJ4CRO

Buncombe County ARES Net Protocol and Operations Guide

The updated net protocol can be downloaded here.

If no one has started calling the net by 2100 hours wait a couple of minutes, if there is still no one calling the net begin calling the net following the outlined protocol. You can help by volunteering to be Net Control or the Alternate Net Control station. If neither the Net Controller or the Alternate can copy a transmission and you can, simply key your mic and say relay followed by your call sign.

The net is a controlled net, with a informal session after row call and training. Formal traffic is sometimes passed on this net, if you are able to handle the traffic please let the Net Controller know. All operators are encouraged to copy traffic for the practice of message handling.

Frequency Plan

PriorityFrequency (MHz)PL Tone (Hz)
2147.525 Simplex

The Radio Message form can be downloaded here.

Instructions on how to fill out the Radio Message form:

PRECEDENCE is simply how important is the information… most times this will be ROUTINE but it can be PRIORITY or EMERGENCY.


CHECK is the number of WORDS in the TEXT of the message. WORD COUNT can be “tricky” so here are a few rules:

1. The ADDRESS and the SIGNATURE are NOT counted as part of the CHECK.

2. The message text should be limited to 25 words or less.

  • a. It’s easier to count if you put five words on each line, as shown on the form

3. Normal punctuation characters are NOT used in the text.

  • a. A “question mark” is sent as “QUERY“, while “DASH” is used for a “hyphen.
  • b. The letter “X” is used as a PERIOD, but NEVER after the last “word” of the text. The “X” DOES count as a “word” when counting the number of “words” for the CHECK.

4. A group of “numbers” such as a YEAR (20xx) is counted as ONE word for the CHECK.

  • a. The letter “R” is used in place of a decimal in a mixed figure group such as a repeater frequency (146 R 91). This “mixed” figure group is counted as ONE word for the check.

If you want more information on the ARRL form and details of filling one out, go to this web site:

There are those who say you should use PHONETICS for everything when passing a message by voice. It is not necessary for EVERYTHING. For example, common words like “THE” “WAS” “WERE” etc., are simple and easily understood. Words like “LEICESTER” are not “common” and should be spelled out phonetically. One SHOULD always ask for a repeat, or a FILL, if you do not understand something, before acknowledging receipt of a message.